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Warrior Maven Video Above: Analyzing the Air Force Hypersonic Weapons Strategy

By Kris Osborn - Managing Editor - Warrior Maven

The Air Force is taking another step in an aggressive plan to prototype, test and deploy hypersonic weapons on an expedited schedule -- to defend against enemy attacks by fast-tracking an ability to launch high-impact, high-speed attacks at Mach. 5 - five times the speed of sound.

“We would like all the resources we can build into the kill chain to hit any target or hold it at risk with hypersonic weapons,” Gen . Timothy Ray, Air Force Global Strike Command, said at the Air Force Association Air, Space & Cyber Conference.

Kris Osborn became the Managing Editor of Warrior Maven in August of 2015 . Osborn previously served at the Pentagon as a Highly Qualified Expert with the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army - Acquisition, Logistics & Technology. Osborn has also worked as an anchor and on-air military specialist at CNN and CNN Headline News.

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