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Video Report Above: What Did Mattis Accomplish in South America

By Kris Osborn - Warrior Maven Global Security

As the Venezuelan refugee crisis worsens, and some US leaders raise the possibility of military intervention, the US State Department is calling upon the Maduro regime to implement the “long-term” reforms needed to resolve the crisis.

According to many reports, as many as 2 million Venezuelans have fled repressive conditions and humanitarian disaster, often lacking basic necessities such as food, water and housing.

“The United States calls on the Maduro regime to implement the long-term reforms necessary to resolve this crisis, and to immediately allow international relief organizations to provide assistance inside Venezuela at a sufficient scale to meet growing humanitarian needs,” a US State Dept. Official told Warrior.

According to an OPED in The Financial Times, President Trump and Senator Marco Rubio have at least floated the prospect of some kind of military action as a potential remedy to the situation.

While the OPED argues against military intervention, it does sharply criticize the Venezuelan regime, writing “President Nicolas Maduro has called the exodus a Pentagon-fed media fabrication...yet military intervention is unrealistic, wrong-headed and would probably backfire.”

US State Department officials, however, seem to at least be leaving options open amid continuous evaluation of the growing crisis. A State Dept. official cites that the US has provided more than $46 million in humanitarian aid, while also adding that that might not be enough to fully address the crisis.

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“Humanitarian assistance is critical to saving lives of Venezuelans, but it will not improve the political and economic conditions that are responsible for this crisis,” the official said.

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has also taken a more aggressive tone, as Trump administration leaders call upon more countries in the region to joint those imposing sanctions on the Venezuelan regime.

“The one thing that I think we should start to look at is any country that is doing business with Maduro and his government is purposefully hurting the people of Venezuela,” Haley said, according to a report from the DC Bureau of the McClatchy news service. “Now the attention needs to go on those countries that are giving support to Maduro and continuing to get rich off of Maduro’s regime and we need to say enough is enough.”

The McClatchy report says that, so far, the United States, Canada, the European Union, Switzerland and Panama have all imposed sanctions. In addition, many are accusing the Maduro regime of corruption, embezzlement and money laundering, among other things.

“The Maduro regime must allow international aid, including food and medicine, to be distributed to the people of Venezuela. We call on it to do so immediately,” the State Dept. Official said.

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