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Video Above: Army Research Lab Scientists... Tells Warrior About Engineering New Explosives

By Andy Wolf - War is Boring

Colt is once again selling civilian AR15 variants of its M4 and M16 series of rifles, a mere nine months after the once-prominent military arms manufacturer stated they would discontinue the semi-automatic civilian line.

The Connecticut-based Colt recently released over 2,000  LE6920s to distributors across the United States, effectively putting an end to the short-lived “MIL/LE Only” direction the company had decided to take.

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Previously, the decision to restrict the number of Colts going into the civilian market had drawn controversy, though Colt assured the public that it was simply a matter of sales and production numbers: civilian sales were dropping, and demand from military and law enforcement entities was increasing.

The decision to streamline the production and distribution process came at a time when AR15s of all makes and variants were saturating the market, creating little demand.

Now, as Americans buy firearms in record numbers (particularly when it comes to America’s favorite rifle, the AR15) and demand has surged, Colt has conveniently deviated from the plan.

“When conditions changed, and we were able to re-enter the market, we did,” said Senior Vice President for Commercial Business Paul Spitale in an interview with American Rifleman.

The civilian firearms market is booming at present, with many federally licensed dealers reporting “instant” background checks that are taking over twelve hours and firearms that are leaving with customers almost as soon as they are offloaded from delivery trucks and logged into inventory.

In addition to scarce quantities when it comes to arms, the price of ammunition -particularly common calibers such as .223/5.56mm, 9mm and .308/7.62x51mm- has skyrocketed to make up for low quantity.