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By Global Security Staff

Uganda: Torres AES Security Saves US Missionary From Theft, Attack, Kidnapping

A female American missionary had gone to Uganda with the dedicated purpose of helping those in need when her experience was abruptly and dangerously interrupted by a manipulative fellow missionary “con man.”

This “con man,” posing as a missionary ostensibly dedicated to the same mission, manipulated the female missionary by giving her the false impression that he wanted to marry her for the right reasons, according to investigators familiar with the situation.

“He had convinced her to marry him. He was a missionary con man. He wanted her money,” said Randy Baham, Project Manager, Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions (Torres AES) - a global security firm protecting US and friendly foreign government personnel and NGOs in the region.

The manipulative male missionary had convinced her to put a house and a car in his name, before proceeding to take her money, restrain her and lock her up in a house.

When she finally attempted to escape to the airport, the male missionary directed a gang of his friends to chase her down and catch her.

“They beat her up, causing internal bleeding,” Baham added.

Given that the situation was a local legal matter, Ugandan law enforcement responded to the scene of her attempted escape. At the same time, since the woman was a US citizen, the US Embassy permitted Torres’s Security Force to assist even though the issue was outside the scope of the US Mission to Uganda.

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Torres AES used a four-man motorcycle-operated quick response force, which typically drives around specific areas to check guard posts and respond to threats as needed.

“We gave them a quick show of force to get the gang of would be kidnappers to release her. We smoothed things out and helped calm the lady down,” Baham said.

Fortunately, Torres AES security was also able to assist with the Ugandan police by getting her released without too much difficulty, before providing her with safe harbor and security.

“We were followed by a gang. We gave her security at the compound, plane tickets home and arranged for a second location to provide her with safe room and board. We gave her a chance to get cleaned up and rest for a few hours and gave her food to eat. A couple of my guys drove her to the airport,” Baham said.

Torres AES security regularly patrols nine different zones over a 75 square mile area, protecting US Mission personnel. Each zone has its own mobile patrols, Baham said.

Alongside helping the US Embassy and government officials in Uganda, Torres AES also provides security for some Christian humanitarian relief services and protects doctors without borders, among other entities.

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