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Russia's Mighty Su-57 Fifth Generation Fighter Jet Minor Factor in Russia Ukraine War

According to TASS, Russia’s news agency, only a handful of Su-57s exist and there is a current contract to acquire as many as 70 in coming years.

John Kirby

The Russia Ukraine War and US Intelligence

DoD has acknowledged providing Ukraine with a number of critical intelligence gathering resources to include hand-launched mini-drones and Navy Unmanned Surface Vessels

Russian Military

The Ethnic Mix Beneath Putin's Massive Push for Power

There are over 190 ethnic groups in Russia, and only one of them – Russki ethnicity - took dominance and possession over the whole land and enforced their language onto other


Pentagon Makes $267 Billion Push for Research & Development to Counter China, Support Integrated Deterrence

The $276 billion will go towards "research, development, testing, and evaluation - and that is across land, air, sea, cyber, and space."

Russia Ukraine Airspace

With a Seemingly Massive Fighter Jet Advantage, Russia Can't Achieve Air Superiority over Ukraine

The Russians operate more than 770 fighter jets compared to Ukraine's 69 or so. That's a massive deficit.

Switchblade Drone

Ukrainians Attack Russian Tanks with Armor Killing Drones

One of them is called the AeroEnvironment Switchblade Drone and is often referred to as a kamikaze. It has both an EOIR electro optical camera and it can become an explosive.

switchblade drone

US Sends 100+ Phoenix Ghost Drones to Ukraine, Compliments Javelin Anti-Tank Missiles

Ghost Drones could be launched from hidden locations in buildings and be used to surveil approaching enemy forces blocks or even miles away.


Enforcing a No Fly Zone Over Ukraine Could be a Disaster (Video Report)

"NATO could decimate Russia in the air or even on land, but putting Putin in a corner is really dangerous"

Drone Boat

Military Drone Boats and Maritime Weapons Keeping Russia at Bay in the Black Sea

Should the drone boats have long-range EO/IR sensors, and an ability to network from beyond the radar horizon, they could certainly alert coastal defenses about any potential Russian threats from the sea.


"Contested Airspace" -- Russian Air Attack Lacks Su-57 Stealth, Can't Defeat Ukraine's Air Defenses

Regardless of the sophistication of the Su-57 to rival the US F-35, there simply are not enough of them to pose a substantial threat to NATO.

Javelin Missiles

Ukrainian Javelin Anti-Tank Weapons & Attack Drones Slowing, Halting Russian Advances

Anti-armor weapons such as Javelin missiles continue to prove extremely effective against Russian armored vehicles.

Patriot Air Defense

Ukraine's Zelensky Asked for Multiple-Launch Rocket Systems - Could Destroy Russian Missile Launchers

If Patriot Missles are not being sent perhaps US forces could train Ukrainians on the Patriot in a nearby NATO country?

Kris Osborn

Ukraine is Winning the Communications War (Video Report)

Experts discuss how Zelensky's effective use of media and communications technology has shaped the outcome of the war


Putin and the Threat of Nuclear War

It seems Putin’s continued “nuclear” threat is part of a calculated effort to deter NATO from getting more directly involved in the defense of Ukraine. If this is the aim, it is working.

Excalibur Weapon

Ukraine's Military Eyes Arrival of Potential Game Changing, GPS-Guided Precision Artillery

Ukraine may be receiving standard Excalibur rounds which offer GPS-guided precision targeting to Howitzers from ranges of 30 km or more

Javelin Stinger

Javelin Missiles, Stinger Missiles and Drones Keeping Ukraine in Pitched Battle with Russia

More recently there has been a massive influx of heavier systems like US 155mm Howitzer artillery systems and German tank-like anti-aircraft guns called Cheetahs

USAF Sentinel

Next-Gen Ground Based Strategic Deterrent ICBM, "SENTINEL" Operational by 2030

The on time arrival of the SENTINEL is considered crucial, as Air Force leaders don't want a “gap” between the time Minuteman III becomes obsolete and the SENTINEL arrives.


Russian Su-57 & T-14 Armata Tanks no Match vs. US F-35 & NATO Forces

Russia operates less than 100 Su-57 5th-generation stealth fighter jets, a number which pales in comparison to the US and NATO which flies hundreds of F-35s.

Cheetah Germany

Germany Fortifies Ukraine with 50 Gepard “Cheetah” Anti-Aircraft Tanks

Gepard vehicles, or Cheetahs, consist of an anti-aircraft gun mounted onto a Leopard tank chassis, weapons which could threaten, defend against and even destroy Russian drones, helicopters

Germany Cheetah

Pentagon & NATO Rally for Ukraine: Send Cheetah Vehicles & Anti-Aircraft Weapons

Germany is moving 50 Cheetah vehicles, there are British efforts to send anti-aircraft weapons and new Canadian decisions to send armored vehicles.


Would Putin Use Intercontinental or Tactical Nuclear Weapons?

Russia leadership appears to be repeatedly floating the possibility of nuclear attack as a “threat” or potential “deterrent” against NATO involvement.

s350 vityaz

Russia Claims S-350 Air-Defense System Can Destroy “Existing & Future Air Attack Weapons"

“The S-350 ‘Vityaz’ was engineered by the Almaz-Antey defense manufacturer as a battlefield air defense weapon capable of striking targets within a radius of 60 km and at an altitude of 30 km."


Russia Looks to Massively Upgrade its Tomahawk-Like, Kalibr Cruise Missile

The Kalibr's 870-mile attack range places it in the same category as the US Navy Tomahawk.

155mm Howitzer

Russia Runs Low on Precision Guided Munitions: Ukraine Receives 155mm Howitzers & Possible Advantage

An inability to fire precision weaponry is likely something which could greatly impede Russia’s ability to advance into and take over Ukrainian territory.

Abrams Tank

Why not give Abrams Tanks Going to Poland to Ukraine?

US-built Abrams tanks are arriving in Poland this year as part of a large Foreign Military Sales deal through which Poland will buy 250 tanks