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UPS Drone

The “Holy Grail” of Future Civilian Small Drone Flight

The FAA is working intensely with commercial and defense companies like Raytheon Intelligence & Space to reach breakthrough levels of secure, deconflicted beyond visual line-of-sight drone flight.

Project Convergence

Army’s Top Acquisition Executive Focused on "Hardening” Network From Intrusion & Jamming

It could be said Army experiments such as Project Convergence represent the ultimate culmination of the services’ long standing networking goals

Drone Swarms

Top Army Leadership Conveys Urgency to Protect Drones, Missiles & Tanks with Cybersecurity

"We have to get better at doing software, both how we acquire it and how we maintain it".

Army Weapons Systems

Army Refines Technical Framework for Weapons Development

The Army’s open architecture strategy is being applied to its Future Vertical Lift aircraft, Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle and Mobile Protected Firepower platform

Hypersonic Weapon

US to Aggressively Test Hypersonic Weapons as Russia & China Compete for Power

"There's a series of test events coming up that are going to tell us exactly where we are, in terms of hitting that 2023 goal, to make sure we get the first actual weapon capability fielded in a real Army unit."


Assistant Sec. of Army Acquisition, Logistics and Technology Talks Cybersecurity

Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology, Mr. Douglas Bush discusses the latest in cybersecurity with Warrior Maven's, Kris Osborn