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Hypersonic Weapon

US to Aggressively Test Hypersonic Weapons as Russia & China Compete for Power

"There's a series of test events coming up that are going to tell us exactly where we are, in terms of hitting that 2023 goal, to make sure we get the first actual weapon capability fielded in a real Army unit."

Biden NATO

Russia Ukraine War Simmers - President Biden Details Massive US Display of Force with NATO. DDG 51 Destroyers, F-35s & Army HQ

US F-35s are going to the United Kingdom, US Navy DDG 51 destroyers are going to Rota, Spain, and a new Army headquarters units is heading to Eastern Europe


Here's Why the U.S. Army M1 Abrams Might Destroy the Russian T-14 Armata

Newer variants of the M1 Abrams tank will include new laser rangefinder technology, color cameras, integrated onboard networks, ammunition data links and laser warning receivers


Is China's Stealthy J-20 Superior to the F-35?

A Chinese paper claims its 5th-generation J-20 aircraft is superior to the F-35

MK48 Mod 7

New Nuclear Armed Columbia-Class Submarines Will Fire Stealthy Mk 48 Torpedoes

The Pentagon explains its now emerging Columbia-class submarines are the number 1 acquisition priority across the DoD