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Could Pentagon Provided Patriots, National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems & Avenger Air-Defense Systems Destroy Incoming Russian Ground-Fired Rockets?

Pentagon’s most recent $2.5 billion support package to Ukraine contains some potentially lesser recognized yet extremely significant assistance…. air defenses

Nuclear Weapons

It is Not Imperative to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

Can the US and its allies get to abolition from where the world is today--which is a world of multiple nuclear armed peer adversaries? No, for at least four reasons.


China Commissions 8th Quasi-Stealthy, High-Tech, Missile-Armed Type 055 Destroyer

China’s Type-055 destroyer looks like a hybrid blend between the stealthy Zumwalt-class destroyers and greatly up-gunned U.S. Navy DDG 51 Arleigh Burke-class destroyers