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Defending Taiwan

Military action against a Chinese invasion of Taiwan is a complicated question, given that Taiwan is only 100 miles off the Chinese coast and surrounded by vast swaths of ocean


As Russia Ukraine War Rages, US Maintains Watchful Eye Upon its Own Land War Readiness

Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said despite the volumes of war supplies flowing into Ukraine, there is no cause for concern when it comes to the US Army ground-war readiness


In Russia Ukraine War, Troops and F-35s Positioning for World War III Deterrence

Preparations include the forward positioning of F-35s in Eastern Europe and training exercises in Poland with the US Army and US Marines

Ukraine Military

Ukraine Might Win

The tenacity, courage and will to fight among the Ukrainian defenders has captured the imagination of the world and inspired a massive international effort to support Ukraine


Will US and NATO Allies Get Ukraine Long Range Rockets?

The best possibility to stop Russian rocket and missile attacks apart from invading and occupying the territory, would be to destroy them at stand off ranges with precision fires

Russian Military

Russia Needs More Than a Massive Military Advantage Over Ukraine to Win the War

The Russian military has more than 12,000 tanks and 850,000 active duty forces, compared with Ukraine’s 250,000.