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Glad to have you! We have launched a new, powerhouse site devoted to US military, weapons, emerging technology, strategy, tactics and senior leader interviews.

Warrior Maven will bring you the latest military innovations, weapons systems and platform upgrades and direct input from industry and military decision-makers.

Content will be both technically detailed and analytical - with a special emphasis upon the implications of next-generation military technology and emerging threats.

You will hear from program managers, weapons developers and flag officers. You will hear from WARRIOR MAVENS

All content will be free. There is, however, a premium membership which includes special one-on-one interviews with US military weapons developers and leaders. This membership, including a steady stream of interviews, will be free to all active duty members of the US military. Simply go to this page, and create an account and you'll be given premium access within seven days.

Premium membership also includes an exclusive discussion board for experts. Join us, sign up and hear from the experts - from both free and, if wished for, premium content.

At Warrior Maven, you will get unique weapons and technology content not found anywhere else - and you will be able to join the discussion regarding future military innovations and threats. Russian and Chinese weapons systems will also be profiled, and compared to US systems in some instances. You will hear from think tank experts as well, offering unique analysis and perspective on pressing military issues. You will also received detailed reporting on threats to the US military - from near peer rivals, non-state actors and immediate threats such as North Korea, Iran and others.

So glad to have you! Join US for a unique look at the US Military - present and future. Find out what is happening at the Pentagon, in combat zones and across the military.

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