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Kris Osborn is a career journalist, former Army civilian and military expert who serves currently as Editor in Chief of Warrior Maven - a military weapons and emerging technology site for news reports and analysis.

Warrior Maven reaches millions with cutting-edge weapons, technology and military strategy content. The site regularly features interviews with US military leaders, weapons developers, analysts and military experts.

Osborn also currently works as a Non-Resident Fellow at The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies

Previously, he worked as Editor-in-Chief of Defense Systems, a military IT/C4ISR/Cyber/Weapons Systems news site. He managed reporters, generated original content and lead the site, often interviewing high level IT/C4ISR/Weapons experts. He moderated several summit/panel discussions with US military weapons/IT experts.

Prior to this, Osborn served as a Navy & Air Force expert associate editor with Military.com. In this role, Osborn interviewed senior Navy and Air Force leaders, program managers and weapons developers.

While an Army civilian just prior to Military.com - Osborn worked as a Highly Qualified Expert (SES-level) civilian with the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army - Acquisition, Logistics & Technology. Here, Osborn analyzed weapons programs, wrote for and briefed 3- and 4-star senior leaders and independently authored original weapons and acquisition content for Army academic journals and publications - such as the Army's Weapons System Handbook. He also worked on speeches for senior leaders and ghost-wrote material as a weapons and military acquisition expert.

Osborn also served as the Land War reporter for Defense News and spent more than a decade as a TV news correspondent, anchor and military specialist. He was an anchor and military specialist at CNN Headline News, CNN Correspondent (at Pentagon for a bit) and Fox News Correspondent. In more recent years, Osborn regularly appeared as an expert military guest on MSNBC, The Military Channel, The History Channel and Fox News.

Osborn received a BA in English and Political Science from Kenyon College, an MA in Comparative Literature from Columbia University - and did graduate work in International Relations at the University of Chicago.

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