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Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions will be providing armored vehicles for rescue equipment transport, long-haul tractor trailer vehicles, fire engines, ambulances and aircraft-towing vehicles to support Saudi Arabia’s F-15 program. Saudi F-15s, acquired through a large Foreign Military Sales effort with the US, perform key allied missions such as coordinated attacks on ISIS in Iraq and Syria, multi-national training exercises and deterrence against Iranian influenced countries. As the lead entity in a Joint Venture with a Jordanian firm called Titan, Torres will procure and delivery the vehicles, perform quality inspections and then turn them over to the Saudi Royal Air Force.

From the Torres announcement:Torres and its Jordanian joint venture (JV) partner, Titan LSC, received notice today that they were the recipients of a single-award logistics contract valued at$68 million over a three-year contract period*. Headquartered in Jordan, Titan LSC is a renowned provider of similar large-scale logistics and engineering programs for USG and military clients in the Middle East. Titan LSC will lead the performance of logistics work on this contract, and Torres will provide management oversight and liaise with the USAF contracting office in the United States.* The vehicles will be procured in the US and Saudi Arabia.

The US-Saudi F-15 $60 billion deal reported years ago by the Obama administration, is reported to be the most expensive US arms sale to a foreign country in history. -

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