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Photo - General Dynamics Land Systems

OPED ESSAY - The Combat Tested Abrams Tank Lives, Endures and Surges into the Future

By Warrior Maven Staff

(Washington D.C.) With a new Abrams M1A2 SEPv3 upgrade currently in production and the SEPv4 upgrade expected to arrive by the mid-2020s, some might wonder how the Abrams main battle tank has remained so vital to the Army’s combat capability for decades.

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The Abrams MBT has always provided the lethality and survivability required to secure and dominate the battlefield. The ability to go toe to toe with our adversary’s most lethal threats, and win, is a capability no other platform brings to land warfare and the Abrams MBT will continue to do so for decades. The Army is now investing in capability that will propel a new strategic and tactical emphasis now informing land-war modernization. Recent and in-development improvements for survivability, lethality, mobility and related technology enablers have enhanced the battle proven Abrams MBT, allowing it to maintain its battlefield dominance.

From IED protection to Active Protection System, Abrams survivability keeps the crew safe from emerging threats. A safe tank crew is a lethal tank crew, and to that end Abrams incorporates the latest programmable munitions with improved fire control accuracy, highly advanced Battle Management software, and the latest data network radios. Completely new capabilities such as the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) enable the crew to operate under armor for extend periods with greatly reduced signature while preserving fuel for full mobility combat. Embedded Gunnery Training enables the crew to maintain combat sharpness using their vehicle as their training device. Finally, technology enablers such has increased power generation, high speed data networks, and advanced processing on board mean Abrams is equipped and ready for the future, whatever it may bring.

Current and future upgrades to Abrams insure that the US Army MBT will continue to have that deterrent factor on our adversaries. Abrams has continued to evolve, upgrading its best capabilities and adding new ones. For example, the upgrade under development will further enhance survivability, the capability to watch longer and the capability to see farther. Even more exciting capability is on the roadmap beyond that!

The reputation of the Abrams MBT has always preceded its arrival. It is well known, by its mere presence, to deter potential aggressors and stop attacks before they happen. When it comes to taking or holding the ground, no one want to end up facing an Abrams MBT. This fact will continue to protect the safety and interests of our country.