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President Donald Trump

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.

Washington, DC 20500

Subject: Operation Homefront 2020

Dear Mr. President:

         For many years, I have visited American battlefields.  Places where ordinary people gave their lives for extraordinary causes.  Places where leadership was put to the test and leading from the front spurred Armies to achieve inconceivable victory.  You can almost sense the fear and bravery, the quiet resolution and the brutal death.  In all the battles that we have fought on American soil, we have been victorious.  Generation after generation benefiting from the these incredible, yet very fallible people that found the cause of freedom and democracy worth the struggle. 

         We need this leadership today.  There are moments, tipping points, when a single individual can make a difference.  A person can take stock of all their life’s decisions and find that these actions warrant the ultimate sacrifice and from that, potentially the greatest reward.  I felt that way when I fought in Iraq with my Soldiers, hundreds of whom I remain in contact.  There was nothing that was going to stop us from our mission.

         The US has been invaded by a virus, whether from China innocently or through deceit, no longer matters.  The history and science books will dissect the reasons and blame.  The focus is on developing a strategy that attacks and protects this nation from the destruction of not recognizing the real challenge ahead.  We will never go back to February 2020.  America will never, ever be the same.  Some may mourn that fact, but often from chaos comes enormous opportunity.  I am sure you know that from your business endeavors.  There is no straight line and we are often better off on the path less traveled.  We cannot wait and we cannot assume time will pass and we will be fixed.  There must be coordinated and decisive action, like that of the leaders that entered the fray of battle knowing full well the risks of defeat and yet moving forward, always forward.  The country is ready for the kind of bold leadership of our founders as we face this unprecedented enemy.

         A coordinated strategy that emboldens the country to dare to envision a time when this virus is controlled and ultimately destroyed. We will not disappear the virus, as they try to do in China; rather we will defeat it through the will of 300,000,000 people. We need a national strategy that clearly includes:

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· Public Health Strategy: The tools and techniques of acting locally, but thinking nationally. Clearly defining the support and assistance to state governments, yet demanding their control of tactical actions within their borders.   Explaining the role of the national government in supporting state and local governments, from vaccine support, equipment, medical personnel, PPE, ventilators and more. 

· Economic Growth Strategy: Identification of fundamental changes in employment and the marketplace that enhance and endanger prosperity.  The complete unlinking of healthcare benefits from all employment to national marketplaces supported by corporate and government.  The exploitation of new technologies to improve quality of life and foster innovation, including massive expansion of telemedicine and alternate care interactions.  Strategy to support industries that manufacture products within the United States.  Envision how Americans can support their hotels, gyms, local cafes, restaurants, and millions of small businesses through expanded and innovative CDC guidance.

· Educational Opportunity Strategy: Provide grants and subsidies to school districts, colleges and other educational resources to safely open schools.  Continue to support the growth of online learning to reduce cost and expand usage of such opportunities for critical professions.

· Social Change Strategy – Press on criminal justice reform and demand increased funding for police departments that include mental health and social work departments for joint task forces.  Support of national training programs for certification and ongoing continuing education requirements for all members of the police force, which is required for all professions.

America is hungry for leadership and under stress looking for real solutions.  It is a moment to move the sentiment in a new direction.  There is no going back. The future is one that we must fight for together.  Americans can do this as we have done in the past.  We can social distance, wear a mask and grow our country all at the same time.  We can destroy this virus and in it’s place find new solutions and opportunities we may never have known.  When our forefathers were lost and defeat was near, they knew that freedom and democracy were enough to risk it all.  This virus is no different and it warrants unfettered leadership and self-sacrifice.  There will be doubters and pundits, but there always were people who failed to see the goal, who thought their small ways would be safer, or disagree from a place of hate.  That was never the answer when I served and it is not the answer today.  Focus on the mission, dare to fail by putting everything on the line and lead this army of citizens to a better and stronger America.

If you and/or your leadership would like to discuss this more, feel free to direct your staff to contact me anytime at or Direct Telephone at 845-709-4104.

Most Respectfully,

Scott E. Rutter

Scott E. Rutter

Silver Star Recipient Lt. Col. Scott Rutter commanded the 2nd Battalion, 7th Infantry, 3ID (M) destroying Republican Guard Forces as Baghdad International Airport during the combat phase of Operation Iraqi Freedom I (2003). Scott is an Entrepreneur and Founder and President of the Valor Network, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that is one of the largest Telemedicine/Teleradiology providers to medical facilities in the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Homeland Security.