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byRichard Douglas

The Remington Model SP-10 semi-automatic shotgun can be used for everything from hunting birds to shooting skeet. Based on the Ithaca Mag-10, Remington made this model from the years 1989 to 2010, quickly becoming a favorite gun for hunting large birds. A reliable and easy gun to maintain, hunters have enjoyed firing this classic shotgun for decades. As these guns become harder to find, you might want to consider buying one now while the prices are still fair.


The Remington Model SP-10 is designed for extended-range shotgunners. The long and wide barrel means you can pack more pellets in your shot, and keep the shot group tighter from greater distances. You will not have the same long-range accuracy as a rifle, but you will hit waterfowl from seventy-five yards away with ease. I see hunters arguing back and forth on forums about whether a 10 gauge or a 12 gauge shotgun is more accurate at extended ranges. Bottom-line, the 10 gauge packs more pellets, giving you a greater chance of hitting your target. The barrel also comes with twin bead sights. If you are interested in upgrading to a short to mid-range scope, you might want to check out the review of the 5 Best Shotgun Scopes.


Remington has built a reputation for producing reliable guns. The Remington Model SP-10, like the classic Remington Model 1100 does not stray from this reputation. It will work under extreme conditions. This 10 gauge will last you a long time with proper maintenance and care. Then you will find yourself being one of those reviewers commenting about having this gun for twenty years without any mishaps.


When all is said and done, the Remington SP-10 is a 10 gauge and handles itself as such. It has a walnut stock, giving it a classic look to match this classic feel, and personally, I prefer the classic look. The Remington SP-10 is strong, solid, and built to handle the power packed into this gun. If a classic shotgun is not your style, look to the Franchi Affinity 3 for a one that has a modern feel with newer tech.


Most Remingtons come with a nickel trigger with a trigger pull just under 4lbs. The safety mechanism is a button located behind the trigger, making it easy to flick on and off. When the safety mechanism is on, the red band disappears. When the red band shows around the button, the gun will fire. I enjoy the simple design of this shotgun, from how it handles down to the simplicity of its safety mechanism.

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Magazine & Reloading

The Remington Model SP-10, unlike the fourteen-round capacity of The Kel-Tec KSG, only has a standard two-round capacity and is a gas-powered, semi-automatic shotgun. It takes a 10 gauge (3 1/2”) cartridge. But being an extended-range shotgun, a second shot will not be necessary. If you hit your prey, one shot will be enough.

Length & Weight

The Remington Model SP-10 comes with a 23,” 26 ,” or 30” vent ribbed Rem choke barrel. If you go with the 30” barrel, the SP-10 has an overall length of 51 ½.” I personally prefer a shotgun that comes in just a tad shorter. The 23” or 26” still give me the range I need without having to deal with that extra length.

The Model SP-10 weighs eleven pounds. The weight can seem a bit heavy compared to other shotguns, especially if you have to do a lot of walking, but the weight also helps absorb the recoil. It also comes with a padded sling. Some people prefer this gun’s weight; others prefer a lighter 12 gauge gun. In the end, the 10 gauge will allow you to shoot from further distances, which helps make up for the added weight. But if you are that person who hates handling a heavy gun, you might want to check out the lightweight Benelli’s Vinci, just remember losing all that weight gives a gun a little more kick.

Recoil Management

Maybe you are worried the recoil of a 10 gauge will be too much for you to handle? Well, don’t. The Remington Model SP-10 delivers less recoil than any other 10 gauge shotgun. It produces less recoil because the cylinder moves instead of the piston. The weight helps tame the kick, and you’ll notice considerably less kick than from 12 gauge Remington.


Unfortunately, Remington discontinued the model SP-10, so you’ll have to shop used for the experience of taking this gun hunting. You can usually find them priced used anywhere between $600 to just under $3,000, depending on the model and condition. The average price used should cost you somewhere around $1,300.

My Verdict?

The Remington Model SP-10 is built to perform in sun, rain, and snow. It comes in several variations, such as camo, but the brown walnut has that classic look and feel you just can’t get over. If you’re planning on chasing turkeys over hills, then the weight, despite having a sling, might be burdensome for some, though I don’t find the weight a problem. But for shooting waterfowl, what more could you ask for? Some will say you will never need anything beyond a 12 gauge, that a 12 gauge can do anything a 10 gauge can. Well, to them I say if you’ve ever winged a bird at max range with 12 gauge, you would have folded that bird if you had taken that shot with the Remington Model SP-10. It’s a reliable, sexy gun with the power and accuracy to shoot at extended distances without the heavy kick-back. Do yourself a favor, hunt down a used one of these bad boys and take it waterfowl hunting with you next time. You won’t regret it.

-- Kris Osborn is the Managing Editor of Warrior Maven and The Defense Editor of The National Interest --

Richard Douglas is a long time shooter, outdoor enthusiast and technologist. He is the founder and editor ofScopes Field. Columnist at The National Interest, Cheaper Than Dirt, Daily Caller and other publications.