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Army 2-Star Describes Range Doubling, Course Correcting Artillery

Maj. Gen. John Rafferty, Director, Army Futures Command, Long Range Precision Fires Cross Functional Team discusses modernized artillery

Taiwan Tanks

Taiwan China Tensions Rise

Chinese military leaders are announcing new multi-domain war preparations around the island of Taiwan


Javelin Missile Success in Russia Ukraine War Influences Future US Military War Strategy

If employed with successful tactics, shoulder-fired weapons such as the Javelin can have a devastating impact upon armored forces and large vehicles like tanks.


Cutting Edge Tactical Tomahawk Cruise Missile Awarded $200 Million Purchase from US Navy

The Block V Tactical Tomahawk is the most modern variant which introduces course correcting technology enabling the weapon to adjust its trajectory to hit moving targets.


National Guard Deployable Strength – A Looming Concern

One of these issues is in the area of aviation – where continued delays in new rotary-wing aircraft could have an impact on Army National Guard mission capability and readiness across the service