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China Taiwan

How Fast Could China Take Over Taiwan? If Occupied by China, Could Taiwan Be Liberated?

With tensions potentially higher than they have been in years, and Chinese weapons, planes and warships conducting war drills encircling Taiwan, the possibility of a Chinese-US confrontation may now look more realistic.

Japan F-35 Rollout

Could Sending F-35s & F-22s to the Pacific Avert War with China?

China's small number of J-20s can only launch from land-runways and its carrier-launched J-31 is just arriving. The US Air Force has more than 300 F-35s.


Software Will Likely Decide Who “Wins the Next War”

Software upgrades, increasingly able to increase performance, security and precision without needing to completely rebuild new hardware configurations, continues to explode with success across DoD


Russia's Massive Fighter Aircraft Advantage Over Ukraine a Relative Non-Factor

Ukraine operates only 69 fighter jets and Russia has 772 fighter aircraft, an imbalance of sizable proportions.


Navy May Expand Fire Scout Drone Missions into More Amphibious Operations, Sub-Hunting

The Navy and its industry partners are sharpening focus on its larger, more-capable successor ... the MQ-8C Fire Scout variant.

Ayman al- Zawahri

Ayman al-Zawahiri Drone Strike

Budgets for large drones such as the Reaper and Global Hawk have been the subject of debate, yet their value is clearly understood